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Our goal is to provide you with an excellent customer experience.  Answers to many of the most commonly asked questions are on the FAQ Page.

If you need any help regarding orders, please call Customer Support at:
 864-527-0489 or email:  

If you have questions about the product and wish to speak with Lisa Buldo, please call 1-800-584-3216, and leave a detailed message, and your call will be returned shortly.

Orders will be taken by Lisa Buldo International and fulfilled by BridgePoint Services located at:  33 Market Point Drive, Greenville, South Carolina 29607.

"Lisa Buldo International is a proud Ambassador of Beta 1,3-D Glucan and A.J. Lanigan, the manufacturer of this beta glucan. Lisa is passionate about the purity and effectiveness of our beta glucan products, and we are excited to help as many people as possible, at the best price we can offer."