Strengthen Your Immune System 

You Can't Live Without it.

Strengthen Your Immune System so it Can Defend You!

Your immune system is your body's ONLY line of defense to protect you against ALL forms of disease, including: ALL viruses, germs, bad bacteria, parasites and cancer. Without your immune system, healing would not take place. Your immune system is working every second of every minute of every day. When it does not work properly or is weakened, you can get infections, viruses and worse.

Beta glucan activates the immune system receptors to attack and defend the body against invaders that are likely to cause disease due to things like viruses, germs, bad bacteria, cancer, growths, and other invaders. Beta glucan goes after those invaders in the body like pac-man to strengthen your immune system so it can defend you against these very real invaders.

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Our Beta 1,3D Glucan is the Purest, Highest Quality Available.
Get your immune system working the way it's supposed to, at the most affordable price!

Beta 1,3D Glucan 500 mg

For those who want the highest level of immune system function (highly recommended), and for those with a weakened or compromised immune system. 

Beta 1,3D Glucan 100 mg

For those who are healthy, and simply want a "boost" to the immune system. 

Beta Kids, 50 mg

Supercharge the health of your kids! Kids love the taste of this healthy and delicious chewable.

This superior line of supplements is both safe and effective, and does exactly what it says it does. 

Peace of Mind is a Beautiful Thing...

We've all heard of people who were "healthy," but still got sick due to a weakened immune system. You can eat organic food, drink purified water, manage stress, exercise, and get proper sleep, but if a virus or sickness attacks you, you need a strong immune system to defend you. You can't live without it.

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